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Remembering the revolutionary martyrs and inheriting the great spirit-Fuyin Group organized a visit to Chen Duxiu's cemetery and exhibition hall


On June 30, 2021, Gao Han, secretary of the Party branch of Anhui Fuyin New Materials Co., Ltd., led all party members and activists of Fuyin Group to Chen Duxiu Cemetery and Chen Duxiu Exhibition Hall in Daguan District, Anqing City to carry out "Learning Party History, Strengthening Party Spirit, Feeling the Party’s Grace and Taking the Mission" The Red Revolution Educational Campaign for the Centennial Party.

The employees carefully watched the development of the CCP’s “First National Congress” to the CCP’s “Fifth National Congress” and deeply felt the spirit of the revolutionary ancestors who threw their heads and sprinkled their blood without fear of sacrifice when the mountains and rivers were broken and the country was in turmoil a hundred years ago. At the same time, it is also practicing a point repeatedly emphasized by General Secretary Xi Jinping, drawing inspiration from history, extracting the magic weapon for defeating the enemy from historical experience, and drawing forward strength from the party's history of struggle.

In front of the road wall where Chen Duxiu sought to save the country, a large number of pictures and precious cultural relics vividly reproduced Chen Duxiu's life deeds. The party members reviewed the efforts made by the Communists to save China a hundred years ago, and once again learned from the revolutionary optimism of the revolutionary martyrs who defy hardships and difficulties and always maintain high morale.

Through this theme activity, all party members received both a patriotism education and an education in Chinese history. They were baptized ideologically and purified in their hearts. Participating party members all expressed that they must remember history, take the heroes as examples, draw wisdom and strength from revolutionary history, play the vanguard and exemplary role of party members, and make greater contributions to their respective jobs.

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