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Thermal Conductive Tape

Substrate-free thermal conductive tape is a white tape made of acrylic polymer and then covered with release paper.

Fiberglass thermal conductive tape is made of fiberglass wires coated with special pressure-sensitive adhesive. With both high thermal conductivity and insulation performance, it is easy to operate, and advantaged by excellent flexibility, conformability, self-adhesiveness and high compression ratio. In the application to the on the fixed cooling fin, crystal module or soft board, 3T thermal conductive tape is effective in instant adhesion, insulation, low air venting and high thermal conductivity. It is mainly applied to fastening CPU and heat sink or cooling fin, LED substrate and rack, fixed electronic component, etc.

In addition to the following specifications, if you require special specifications or use our products for special purposes, please contact Fuyin for customization.

Substrate-free Thermal Conductive Tape

FY-Acrylic polymer substrate-free thermal conductive tape is the most ideal adhesive for assembling between uneven surface structures; it is featured by high thermal conductivity, insulation performance, excellent flexibility, conformability, self-adhesiveness and high compression ratio. With a wide temperature range to adapt to working conditions, it is effective in all kinds of harsh institutional environment, and export the heat out of the electronic components.

Blue-film Thermal Conductive Tape

Fuyin thermal conductive tape is a product made of fiberglass mesh cloth as the substrate, coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive on both sides, and compounded with single or double silicon release material. It can be rolled or die-cut into various shapes, featured by good thermal conductivity and electrical insulation, and widely application in electronic components.