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Explosion-proof Film

More attention paid to the protection of electronic products in the era of touch control, and explosion-proof films are the internal and external explosion-proof safeguard. The explosion-proof film products produced by Fuyin are completely laminated with each side of the electronic screen, protecting the entire electronic product, reducing the risk of screen breakage and the hidden damage to glass panel, and effectively guaranteeing the safety of users.

In addition to the following specifications, if you require special specifications or use our products for special purposes, please contact Fuyin for customization.

ASF Internal Explosion-proof Film

The explosion-proof film is made of optical PET film as the substrate and coated with high-performance optical adhesive. While ensuring high light transmittance, it is available in a wide range of abrasion resistance, hardness and thickness. It is featured by excellent optical properties and high bonding strength.

ASF External Explosion-proof Film

The explosion-proof film is made of hardened optical PET film as the substrate, and it can effectively resist impact, scratch and abrasion, with good adhesion and waterproof performance, and no glue residue after stripping.

Anti-glare Explosion-proof Film

It is composed of AG hardened layer, optical PET and optical PSA, and effectively resistant to glare, impact, scratch and abrasion.

Anti-fingerprint Explosion-proof Film

It is composed of optical PET substrate and OCA. The substrate is hardened, obtaining good skidding resistance, fingerprint resistance, high light transmittance and other characteristics.