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Compared with traditional mechanical fixing methods such as welding, riveting and screwing, adhesive tape is considered to be the most promising bonding method since the development of new materials, due to its advantages of no damage to the surface of the bonded object, balance in the surface energy of different materials, light and fast high strength bonding capability, which are not found in the mechanical fixing methods.

In the field of domestic new materials, especially in the process of import substitution of OCA products, Fuyin is considered to be the pioneer of promoting the application of domestic OCA. Fuyin is capable to develop and improve its own equipment and production technologies. It has more than 300 sets of high-end experimental instrument from top-tier brands in Switzerland, Germany and Japan, such as infrared spectrometer, micro CT, scanning electron microscope and rheometer. Fuyin has three R&D centers in Dongguan (Guangdong), Taihu (Anhui) and Tianjin (Hebei) which constantly strive for innovation and optimization of product and technology.

Fuyin has developed its core competencies in the research and development of compound formulas for adhesives, the development of coating technologies and equipment, and the research application of foaming technology for a long time, as a result, it can provide efficient adhesive material solutions for customers in different industries. Fuyin is equipped with rigorous R&D management system, fast response mechanism, agile project management, and efficient customer interaction, so as to satisfy customers' urgent needs for new products in a timely manner.

We have an R&D team with rich experience in the industry.

The R&D Center has 50 full-time R&D technicians, including 30 well-educated R&D staff.

We actively promote the development of industry-university-research integration.

In terms of industry-university-research integration, the Company has reached industry-university-research cooperation with the polymer research centers of Hebei University of Technology and other famous universities, set up a joint experimental center oriented to the national industrial strategies and market demand, and performed technical research, product development, process design, product testing and other key work in the fields of functional polymer materials and OCA tapes for optoelectronic display.

We attach great importance to technological innovation.

Fuyin Group attaches great importance to technological innovation, and invests a lot of financial resources to enhance its technological innovation capabilities. In the R&D center, an area of more than 5,000 m2 is planned to construct clean rooms with constant temperature and humidity. The Group has been equipped with automatic R&D and testing equipment, and more than 300 sets of domestic and foreign advanced and high-precision equipment.

Continuous efforts on environmental protection

Environmental protection is one of the responsibilities of Fuyin and an important factor affecting its long-term development. In the allocation of product technology, Fuyin has constantly reduced the use of solvents, deeply researched more environment-friendly water-based adhesive formulas, and bring in high-end carding equipment reduced the discharge of waste gas, waste water and waste by optimizing production equipment .

Research Direction

Fuyin Group has performed research and development in four fields including optoelectronic display functional materials, PU composite new materials, functional film materials and acrylic tape materials, and has successively invested huge amounts of R&D funds to promote the transformation of production-research achievements.

Optoelectronic display functional materials

Functional composite materials

Functional film materials

Acrylic tape materials

Four Core Technologies

From PE, PET and optical release film to adhesive synthesis, product research and development and precision coating design, Fuyin is equipped with a complete industry chain from research to development and production capability.


Independent research and development of core synthesis technology for multi-functional polymeric adhesives

Polyurethane glue synthesis, acrylic glue synthesis, rubber glue synthesis


Independent foaming technology

PU foam foaming technology, acrylic foam foaming technology, acrylic polymer foaming technology


Independent research and development of core production equipment

Design, research and development of core precision coating machine and peripheral equipment


Product process design capabilities

According to customer needs, the product structure and process can be designed and adjusted, such as waterproof, flame retardant, antistatic, low dielectric, anti-glare, anti-fingerprint, etc.