About Fuyin

Enterprise Culture

开拓创新        厚德载物

LOGO Design Concept

Fuyin LOGO in bright red represents the enthusiastic, initiative, optimistic and entrepreneurial spirit of Fuyin staff;

The Earth is delineated by red industrial tape, with intersecting lines and stable structure, demonstrating the corporate culture of "unity, tolerance, harmony and friendliness".

The LOGO is a Earth above FU YIN JIAO DAI, like a red sun rising slowly.

It represents the confidence and determination of Fuyin to make its business cover global market, and symbolizes Fuyin's business philosophy: "keep breaking new ground, and emphasize great virtue".

Corporate Vision


Our Vision

Focus on the field of new materials

Develop into a prominent high-tech enterprise in the industry

Corporate Vision


Our Mission

Manufacture high-quality breakthrough products.

Provide customers with new material application solutions.

Corporate Vision


Our Core Values


Innovation in thinking and products

Good faith:

Deal with people and matters in good faith


Great achievement comes with great responsibility


Make progress together and achieve all-win in cooperation

Corporate Vision


Management System Concept

Following the underlying law of social development, we take the development and progress of employees as development foundation, and build a team integrating family, school and military, providing opportunities for each employee, shareholder, supplier, partner and customer to get progress and development, fulfill their dreams, and jointly create spiritual and material wealth!

Corporate Vision


Two Principles of Management

Internal customer system:Each position serves customers.while serving colleagues in other positions.With customer satisfaction as the starting point, the Company lays a good foundation for its business.

Overall every control and clear:Apply the OEC management approach for continuous improvements,and carry things through, without delay.

Corporate Vision


Six Principles for Employees in Work

Self-disciplined: Strict with themselves in self-cultivation, with no view to selfish gains

United: Treat others kindly and keep a harmonious relationship inside and outside

Friendly: Show respect for the superiors and give more tolerance to the subordinates

Trustworthy: No sooner said than done, and never evade any things

Brave: Brave to fight and bold in innovation

Efficient: Pay great attention to methods and work efficiency

Corporate Vision


Human Resources Policies

Principles of recruitmentPay more attention to competence than academic qualification and explore strengths of each employee

Principles of appointment:Put virtuous and talented employees in important positions;Train and appoint virtuous but untalented employees;Employ talented but virtueless personnel with conditions;

Never employ untalented and virtueless personnel.

Allocation principle:Put achievement first, assume corresponding responsibility, and share the benefits.