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We clearly recognized the challenges of industry and life, and unite all those who have the courage to solve them. Fuyin employs thinner and more suitable materials in production to improve our life. Every day, we try to make innovation with purpose and apply our technologies to create real value for the lives of people around the world.

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How to select adhesive products? How to quickly find the right solution for home appliance applications, digital electronics applications, automotive applications, elevator applications, home improvement applications and other applications?

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OCA(Optically Clear Adhesive)

Acrylic reinforced tape

Acrylic Foam Tape

PU/PE Foam Tape

PET/Tissue Paper Single-and Double-sided Tape

Substrate-free Double-sided Tape

Thermal Conductive Tape

Protective Film

Explosion-proof Film

Other adhesive tapes





Provide comprehensive, excellent and professional bonding solutions

From traditional screwing, riveting, welding to tape bonding nowadays, every small change proves that: Science and technology constitute a primary productive force. From initially producing simple double-sided tape to producing the tape that can exert its performance in extremely harsh environments and achieve unimaginable lasting adhesion and sealing effects, Fuyin has been constantly increasing its scientific research funds to produce better products in order to solve customers' needs and follow the market trend.

For example, the Very High Bood acrylic tape can provide reliable sealing and shock absorption while securely attaching interior and exterior trims to the car body. With excellent stability and weather resistance in harsh environments at extremely high and low temperatures, it can be firmly attached to the curves and edges of the body, presenting an excellent adaptability.

Since 2006, Fuyin has attached importance to product development, kept increasing R&D production, and developed and produced 9 series of products with thousands of different models after years of continuous efforts, providing efficient, safe and stable bonding solutions for bonding different materials in various industries. With OCA  tape, Acrylic tape, Very High Bood reinforced tape, PET single- and double-sided tape, flexible tape, foam tape, thermal conductive tape, explosion-proof film, peg adhesive tape, tissue paper double-sided tape, non-woven double-sided tape, substrate-free double-sided tape, waterproof double-sided tape, protective film, AB tape, strong and weak tape, etc. as Fuyins most representative products at present. Fuyin never stops its R&D and production, and concentrates on providing more excellent bonding solutions for more industries and different materials.