Smart Home

Provide all-round tape application solutions for the customized production of home improvements.

Fuyin tape is advantaged by quickly and consistently bonding a variety of flat and curved materials. Tape application can bring greater design freedom, no matter of the design of building external facade, window and roof, or the design of kitchen cabinet, cooking table and ceiling.

Invisible tape application is helpful to keep smooth surfaces and even thickness for our home improvements at all times, achieving a lasting effect without expensive equipment. With the aid of tape products, designers can better improve the design and appearance of our living spaces to make our living space more beautiful.

acrylic tape

Adopt sealing foaming, each bubble is independent, effectively isolate water, reach water tight, air tight effect.

PET double side tape

Use PET thin film as substrate, single or double side coated with specific pressure sensitive glue.

OCA optical clear adhesive

OCA(Optically Clear Adhesive)OCA optical clear adhesive is one of the most important raw material of touch screen. Use optical acrylic glue as non-substant, cover a release film on up and down side. OCA is a kind of non-substant double side bongding tape.

Smart Door Lock Solutions

Compared with ordinary mechanical lock, the smart lock makes the user get rid of the restraint of the key, and it is linked with the smart device. Moreover, there are more unlocking methods, greatly improving people's safety. The data shows that the sales volume of smart lock market is 32 million sets in 2020, gaining a total output value of RMB 64 billion, and the market is in the growth stage.

In addition to ensuring the safety, the existing smart lock manufacturers also continue to improve the appearance in order to satisfy customers' demand. Fuyin can provide a complete set of tape solutions for smart lock sticking.



TP module



Rear cover



Speaker module



Panel protection



Door handle cover


Bonding Solutions for Smart Speaker

The existing smart speakers generally have two core functions including a smart home voice control center and a personal assistant. Intelligent appliances in the home can be networked and controlled by voice through smart speaker. The smart speaker can achieve "teleoperation" through voice and help people when they are inconvenient to use mobile phones or other electronic devices.

There are many internal parts in an ordinary speaker, and they can be assembled together to free our hands and realize teleoperation. Fuyin can provide complete bonding solutions for smart speakers of many brands, allowing designers to design lighter, more durable, and more affordable products.


PCB thermal pad bonding



Silicone pad bonding



Buffer foam under the screen



Sound cavity gauze bonding



Screensaver AB glue



Sound cavity buffer seal