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Fuyin puts the golden saddle on the horse and moves forward together


On April 30, the Party Branch of Anhui Fuyin New Materials Co., Ltd., in conjunction with the trade union, Youth League Committee, and Women’s Committee, organized a "Labor Cup" theme competition. Six teams participated in the competition, and the scene was enthusiastic and the atmosphere was strong.

In the grouping session, the most active millennials used their brains and ideas, and the six teams were independent of Lin with novel and interesting names.

In the tug-of-war competition, all teams work together to strive for the first place. In the process of close cooperation, they experience the power of helping each other in a boat and feel the passion for self-transcendence.

The dragon fetching water is a fun game that tests the trust of team members. Each team needs to find slender and dexterous members as the leader. The dragon body and dragon tail are composed of more stable members. The leader stretches forward. The water, dragon body and dragon tail must ensure that the faucet is always stable and free. During the game, due to the outstanding performance and physical advantages of the leading players, the Dream Team took the lead, and the Jiaolong team rushed to catch up. In the end, after fierce competition, the Dream Team won the championship in one fell swoop.

Before Labor Day, this activity organized by the Fuyin Trade Union, the Youth League and the Women's Committee was of great significance. In the new era, young people are the backbone of enterprise development, and the bearers of the future and dreams. The tug-of-war competition and the activities of fetching water from dragons made the Fuyin youth deeply understand the personal responsibility and the mission of the team, strengthened the centripetal force of the team, strengthened the confidence and courage to strive for the first place, and made members more trust in partners, believe in themselves, Believe in Fuyin.

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